Sarkis' Community Involvement

Sarkis has shown his passion for improving community services for some time by volunteering for local community groups. He has participated in local festivals, been involved in fundraising, advised on school construction and maintenance programmes and led humanitarian initiatives and presentations.

Given his ethnic background, he has supported the Armenian community and been actively involved in promoting integration and cross-cultural exchanges. Most notably, he spearheaded the Global Friendship Friendly Cities agreement between Willoughby City Council and Nor Nork, Yerevan which was established on 8 November 2015. The agreement aims to enhance and enrich both communities, to contribute to lasting peace and prosperity and to develop long-term global friendships.

Sarkis has shown great compassion for vulnerable groups and has been proactive in volunteering to provide aid, especially in times of great need. During the peak of the Syrian Civil War and War in Iraq (2012-2018), he, alongside his wife Zepur, were committed to advocating for persecuted minorities. As a Co-conveyor, NSW Ecumenical Council - Commission on the Middle East, they participated in community consultations on local, state and Federal levels, including several round table consultations with representatives of the Department of Home Affairs. At a ground level, Sarkis and Zepur were also involved in developing resettlement programs for newly-arrived refugees which promoted social integration and access to support services.

​Currently, Sarkis and his family work and volunteer for the local Community Welfare Centre where Zepur is a Board Director. The Centre provides aged care services and respite help for the elderly as well as other services for women, young mothers, youth and individuals at risk from every community background. The welfare centre also provides mental health support for people in need.  


Sarkis' Personal Interests

Sarkis is a small business owner and understands the challenges associated with running a small business particularly in the COVID-19 era.  Supporting small business is very important for Sarkis and he aims to always support local first.  He sees the small businesses within Middle Harbour ward as more valuable than the services or produce they provide, rather, these businesses enrich the fabric of our local communities and should be supported.    

In his free time, Sarkis enjoys exercising in the scenic streets of Willoughby and can often be seen ordering a coffee at the local cafes.

His other great passion is firing up the BBQ.  On weekends you’ll often find him perfecting his latest recipe.