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About Sarkis

Sarkis has been a Willoughby local for over 50 years where he lives with his wife Zepur, and has raised his three daughters. He attended Willoughby Public School which provided him with a nurturing environment during his formative years and later Crows Nest Boys High School. He has a Bachelor degree from UNSW.


Sarkis grew up on Horsley Avenue, frequently visiting the local shops at High Street and Penshurst Street and utilising Willoughby Park and Bales Park. Sarkis has been able to share his love of the local area by initially taking his three daughters to the local parks and shops, and is now able to continue this tradition with his grandchildren. 

It is fair to say that living in Willoughby City Council has shaped Sarkis’ life and contributed to his personal and professional development. Recognising the importance of family, community, health and environment, especially in a COVID-19 era, he is seeking to contribute his passion and skills to his surroundings and to make a meaningful impact on others in the community.

He has therefore decided to offer a New Voice by announcing his candidacy for Councilor Middle Harbour Ward. His Vision is to contribute more to the Willoughby City Council community, particularly the Middle Harbour community.

Message from Mayor Gail Giles-Gidney

With the experience of running his own business and also his deep commitment to community, Sarkis would make a valuable contribution to Council.

Message from Councillor Judith Rutherford AM

After 26 years of community service as a Willoughby City Councillor I will not be seeking re-election at the forthcoming Council elections. My experience tells me that Sarkis Mouradian would be an ideal Councillor. I strongly recommend that you vote for Sarkis and his team.

Message from Councillor Brendon Zhu

As a current Councillor and Deputy Chair of the Global Friendship Committee, I have seen Sarkis work hard for our local community in Willoughby and he would make a valuable contribution on Council.


Sarkis' Vision for
Middle Harbour Ward

Sarkis greatly appreciates the amenities and services of Middle Harbour Ward. He also sees many opportunities for the improvement and enrichment of existing infrastructure,   and full of young families. 


His New Vision includes:

Protecting our Unique Heritage and Natural Bushland Environment


  • We are blessed with Natural Flora and Fauna in the City of Willoughby and through Community Consultation and feedback we can review our present polices. Through the review process we can identify risks and introduce risk mitigation measures where possible to protect our Natural Environment. We are all aware that Bushfires present the greatest risk and reviews could recommend hazard reduction burns and manual reduction of forest fuel loads.


  • These measures have not occurred for decades for some parts of the area and this item should become more prominent, not only for the protection of the residents but also the environment, as staged risk mitigation measures will be more beneficial than uncontrolled bushfires.


  • It has been great to see local residents exercising and enjoying the open spaces and natural environment Willoughby City council has to offer. Middle Harbour Ward has numerous walking tracks which can benefit from being maintained, protected and improved.

Sustainable Development

  • Resisting overdevelopment and ensuring that existing infrastructure is not overwhelmed with spikes in usage requirements.

  • Each planning proposal should be assessed on merit and developments should satisfy design, location and compliance with planning controls before being given support


Traffic Congestion and Means of Transport

  • Monitor traffic flow and parking around the Woolworths development in Smith Street to identify any traffic congestion.

  • Monitor the performance of the traffic flow changes at the intersection of Smith Street and Eastern Valley Way. It is in the best interest of our community to ensure compliance with the Condition of Consent for the Woolworths development which requires that the road widening works will not result in a level of service of the intersection that is worse than existing.

  • Reviewing present public transport and encouraging additional usage through better service and access.


Supporting Local Business

  • Consulting with local businesses to identify and review their current challenges with the ultimate goal of ensuring they continue to operate and thrive, particularly given the challenges of COVID-19.

Supporting Outdoor Facilities and Activities

  • Covid-19 has reinforced the importance of an active lifestyle, in order to maintain our physical and mental health. 

  • Upgrading and improving parks, gardens, sports grounds and playgrounds to cater for the increased usage of outdoor facilities and to continue to encourage healthy lifestyles. 

Pedestrian Safety Programmes

  • Consulting with residents and key stakeholders and reviewing pedestrian safety with the goal of identifying hazards and mitigating risks through the review of nature strips, council infrastructure and current safety education programmes.


  • Reviewing and addressing traffic safety around local school zones, shopping hubs and local streets, particularly those near our schools and villages.